Top 10 Games of 2016

10. Oxenfree- the story of high school kids making their visit to a local island as a right of passage that turns into much, much more.

9. Titanfall 2- a single player campaign that kept me wanting to continue on all the way though paired with the series’ incredible multiplayer.

8. Superhot- the first-person shooter turned puzzle game that has addictive gameplay and is unlike anything you have ever played.

7. Firewatch- a gorgeous game set in the wilderness of Wyoming that touts unique art and story-telling.

6. Dead Rising 4- longtime fans of the series may say this isn’t a true Dead Rising in play style, that is exactly why I love it. It also scores points for its Christmas themes.

5. Overcooked- a couch multiplayer game that I pray to see more DLC or a sequel to, it is so simple, yet so clever. A must-play.

4. Inside- the follow-up to Limbo that exceeds its predecessor in almost every single way.

3. Doom- a fast-paced FPS that perfectly assimilates the feeling of classic Doom to what games can be today. Some of the best gameplay you will find in a shooter.

2. Quantum Break- a masterful story paired with an unexpectedly good tv show that together form the greatest Microsoft exclusive this generation so far.

1. Uncharted 4- what can you say about Naughty Dog that hasn’t already been said? They know what they are doing and blew the previous Uncharted entries out of the water with U4. Perfect end to the Nathan Drake adventures.


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