Final Pre-Draft Thought

The NFL Draft is just three days away and you continue to hear that a player’s stock is rising or falling. This is just a creation of the media. Do people really believe that South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore’s evaluations from teams is all of a sudden getting that much better that he is worthy of a top-10 pick? It is a domino effect, one outlet will say a player is underrated, then suddenly someone says he is better than another guy at the position, and then the talk is that he is “shooting up the draft boards.”

The only thing this may do is make some personal executive somewhere panic. He may read that Gilmore is now an early first-round pick and decide he needs to trade up to get him. Bill Belichick will not be one of those people. He will stick by his evaluation and his value of a player, and not make a rash decision to move up and go get somebody. He sits back and lets the draft come to him. For a league of parity, there are so many ways of teams going about their business.

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