2012 Round 1 Mock Draft

For the past five years I have always entered the Patriots Football Weekly Mock Draft Contest. You are required to select which player you think will go in each slot, regardless of which team may end up picking in that spot. Extra points are rewarded for correctly guessing which player the Patriots select first. Here is my draft I submitted for this year:

1 Luck, Andrew
2 Griffin, Robert
3 Kalil, Matt
4 Blackmon, Justin
5 Richardson, Trent
6 Claiborne, Morris
7 Ingram, Melvin
8 Tannehill, Ryan
9 Coples, Quinton
10 Reiff, Riley
11 Decastro, David
12 Poe, Dontari
13 Martin, Jonathan
14 Barron, Mark
15 Cox, Fletcher
16 Kuechly, Luke
17 Kirkpatrick, Dre
18 Mercilus, Whitney
19 Brockers, Michael
20 Floyd, Michael
21 Wright, Kendall
22 Glenn, Cordy
23 Jenkins, Janoris
24 Miller, Lamar
25 Wilson, David
26 Upshaw, Courtney
27 Gilmore, Stephon
28 Adams, Mike
29 Konz, Peter
30 Jones, Chandler
31 Branch, Andre
32 Brown, Zach
Bonus Pats Pick: Branch, Andre
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